What’s New

cpp-netlib 0.8

  • Updates to URI unit tests and documentation.
  • More documentation, covering the HTTP Client and HTTP Server APIs
  • Asynchronous HTTP Server that now supports running request handlers on a different thread pool.
  • An initial thread pool implementation, using Boost.Asio underneath.
  • Adding a ready(...) wrapper to check whether a response object returned by the asynchronous client in 0.7 already has all the parts available.
  • Some attempts at lowering compile time costs.

cpp-netlib 0.7

  • Radical documentation overhaul
  • Asynchronous HTTP client
  • Tag dispatch overhaul, using Boost.MPL
  • HTTP Client Facade refactoring
  • Bug fixes for HTTP 1.1 response parsing
  • Minimized code repetition with some header macro’s
  • Configurable HTTPS support in the library with BOOST_NETWORK_ENABLE_HTTPS

cpp-netlib 0.6

  • Many fixes for MSVC compiler

cpp-netlib 0.5

  • An embeddable HTTP 1.1 server
  • An HTTP 1.1 client upgraded to support HTTPS
  • An updated URI parser implementation
  • An asynchronous HTTP 1.1 client
  • An HTTP 1.1 client that supports streaming function handlers